Web Publicity Creating Awareness The Inbound Advertising Environment 1

When you get started online, either you have a budget for advertising and product development or you do not. If you have a budget, you purchase a few online manuals, you learn how to develop a product, you start advertising, and you are in business, hopefully making money in a short period of time.

Social media participation can be done by people who have Internet access, send emails (thus presumably can use a keyboard), and who are willing to have an open mind to learning how to do a few new things online (many of which involve typing).


Your presence in each of these four key areas is known as your footprint. Without a real presence in each area, you may find yourself to be invisible to large groups of Internet buyers remember that today the Internet buyer is nearly EVERYBODY. Once this footprint is established, future efforts increase the size of that footprint, making it easier to find you. This is an inbound, pull Internet marketing strategy.

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When looking to get results from a blog it is very important to write posts about your business, the products, benefits of the products, and the business opportunity. Write blog posts about items on sale, special discounts, gift set or anything special going on. This helps draw people in to see what you have to offer. Don’t just post a page and leave it there. Keep your posts fresh so as to keep people coming back. Always remember to ad a picture or video. Blog posts with pictures and video get better results than those without. And always remember to put your website URL or an URL directly to the sale or product you are talking about along with contact information so people can buy from you or contact you.

When a marketing opportunity comes knocking, be ready to welcome it immediately. And as you never know when this is coming to happen, keep an open mind as you engage in cyberspace conversations.